Sunday, October 25, 2015


My mind is not easily blown, its a result of seeing "2001 A Space Odyssey" at an impressionable age. Be that as it may Theo Jansen's "kinetic sculptures" the "Strandbeests" definitely blow my mind. They walk, sense water, they evolve after a fashion, feed and store fuel (compressed air) and look like a Steampunk Dream of robotics powered by sails. The Strandbeests are literally HG Wells' martian tripods which evolved out of culture that knew nothing of The Wheel....everything is delicately articulated, one holds one's breath when the Strandbeest is set into motion....if Doctor Frankenstein was an artist, he'd be Theo Jansen. The Peabody-Essex Museum is hosting this exhibit thru the end of December, sell the house, sell the car do whatever you must to see it!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Rumor Has It that the Harvard Film Archive

is gonna run the second part of their Orson Welles Retrospective in December, which is at last my best hope of see "The Stranger" on the big screen at long last. If the HFA was smart they'd check their diaries for the screenings that got snowed out and re-run those films (Hint "The Trial").... :)

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Why Welles?

Channel Zero has an admitted "Thang" for Orson Welles, his life, his legacy, his unique style, all of it. We freely concede he has many many contemporaries in the pantheon of Great Film Directors, but none exceed him as a storyteller of rare power and skill. And his life, with all the Wellesian setbacks and catastrophes, self induced and inflicted from without is a living narrative on the sheer power of ambition and the vital necessity of staying true to oneself. Because at the end of the day what is Orson Welles' real sin? None of his movies made enough money to give him John Ford/Alfred Hitchcock class leverage over the studios. The audience wasn't there so the accountants claimed. Which is ironic because Welles held his audiences in the highest regard he thought they deserved the very best he could offer, he thought well of their patience, sense of humor and appetite for the offbeat. In Death, his faith in his audience is completely vindicated regardless of the tortured production story behind say "Touch of Evil". Because truly today's Orson Welles audience is literally tomorrow's the and end Welles won the argument hands down. So tomorrow night, Channel Zero is pleased and proud to screen what is admittedly one of Welles' lesser efforts "The Orson Welles Show" a self directed self produced 1979 pilot to a proposed late night talk show hosted by Himself. Don't for a moment think this format was somehow beneath Welles, he hosted almost the exact same program on the radio back in the 1940's and did pretty well by it all told. Besides between the poetry reading the magic tricks, punchy banter, The Muppets and his guests Angie Dickinson & Burt Reynolds the whole format is ineffably "Orsonian" in character. And besides that, Channel Zero has come into possession of a sort of "Wellesian Artifact" from the 1950's (duly preserved on DVD) which is a very short film one indeed that we can guarantee has never ever screened in Boston Ma. SO PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS... Channel Zero can survive anything we were once chased out into the streets of Brookline after all....but we can't bear the thought of Letting Down Orson Welles and his Legacy! "The Orson Welles Show" (1979) The Somerville Theatre (Micro Cinema) 55 Davis Square Somerville MA Friday October 2nd 8pm (sharp) Admission a mere $7.50