Monday, August 29, 2005

If Massachusetts has an Empire...

then its in the Berkshires. And the jewel in the crown is Tina Packer's Shakespeare and Company who I think have had their best season in years...
Alyn Burrows as King John one of Shakespeare's lesser histories but brought vividly to life by Packer's flawless direction, and skilled performances from Burrows and Peter Macon as the King's Bastard Nephew whose lineage is corrupt as his heart is pure.

Their Taming of the Shrew stars the incomparable Celia Madeoy an actress whose speciality seems to be producing comely silk purses out of sow's ears...her Katerina is a wonder to behold and the stand out performance that anchors the show.
Ah but why shouldn't she dominate the proceedings? Did she not shine in S&C's gender reversed version of "The Shrew" a few years back? We recall that magnificent performance with pleasure. Few American Actresses say they have a serious claim to playing both Petruchio and Katerina!

In Tina Packer we have at last a pretender and a legitimate one to the vacated throne of the late Sifu Orson Welles.

Gin Notes:

Avoid the House Gin at Kappy's Liquor Store at all costs! It is a too cost effective intoxicant whose after effects reliably mimic low yield radiation poisoning. Go with Gordon's if you must cheap up but avoid this store brand...t'is brake fluid.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Pick of the Week:

Undoubtedly, it is the Tri Town Drive's in's line up:

7:45pm : "Sky High"
9:15pm" "Wedding Crashers"

This is so preemo that I'm off to see it tonight, solo...yeah it costs money but when the double feature is this good, one must make sacrifices.

The Tri Town Drive In is located:

3 Youngs Road off Summer Street in Lunenberg Mass.
Or try the handy link in the link's section.

We hope to have good news on a majot Channel Zero Event in the near future, stand by all hands for details.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Overheard at the Hair Stylist

(she was too cute to call a barber!) a blonde six foot tall amazon with a glow to her skin one normally associates with mild radiation toxicity.
She was merrily cutting my mop and conducting a conversation with a colleague on tanning products...this gem was overheard:
"I used ta use Midnight Three back in da nineties when I wuz a Wee Britney".

Health to all Wee and not so Wee Britney's today.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Greg Harney, RIP

Channel Zero was saddened to learn this weekend of the death of local public televison producer Greg Harney. Friends of the franchise will recall his electrifying appearance at our 2003 screening of "King Lear" starring Orson Welles and directed by Peter Brooks for the olde "Ominibus" live TV show.
Greg, his wife and a family friend walked in, asked if this was the "Welles" version of Lear and then airly announced he'd been the sound director for this very broadcast in 1952!
Our jaws hit the floor with an audible crack!
Greg was kind enough to share his reminiscences of the whole live TV process, mostly though he put paid to lie that Welles was difficult to work with. Greg reminded all and sundry that Welles got his start as an actor-director on Broadway and those skills stood him in good stead when live television came in.
Greg also pointed out a few technical flaws in the boradcast, PA's whose shadows lurch into frame whilst Lear rants and the like.
His memory for that particular show was excellent and his entirely unscripted appearance was a notable highlight of Channel Zero's run at the Coolidge Corner.

Our hearts go out to Mr. Harney's family at this tragic time, he was a friend to the Franchise and we shan't forget him.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Pick of the Week...

Unquestionably it is "The Miracle Woman" playing tonight at 9pm at the Harvard Film Archive 24 Quincy Street in the teeming heart of Harvard Square.
This is an early Frank Capra effort starring Barbara Stanwyck as an "Aimee Semple McPherson" type preacher who is goaded to all sorts of faith-healer tricks by her unscrupulous manager. Along comes saintly blind veteran David Manners and soon our heroine has a choice to make...
It sounds overdone bu really its like a distaff flight test for "Meet John Doe" with a standout performances by Stanwick and David Manners (who is mostly known for his colorless portrayal of Jonathan Harker in the Lugosi version of "Dracula").
Check it out, well worth the nine bucks IMHO.

Many thanks and props to Eddie Shaw and

Brad Chapman at "Movies on a Menu" in East Arlington to hosting such a successful Channel Zero event last week.
We are grateful to them for taking this battered but defiant franchise off the streets for a little while at least.
We had a good crowd for "An Evening with Orson Welles", some of our regulars and some new faces from in and around Arlington.
Welcome all!
With any luck we will be back there sometime after Labor Day for another show hope to see you all there.