Saturday, January 22, 2011

I was pleased to discover that...

Rodney's Bookstore has NOT closed in Central Square. Whatever the hell was wrong got set to rights and they seem to be surviving nicely in their current location. This is good because the joint was a much needed dimly lit refuge for me after my saucy optometrist dilated my eyes today during my annual exam.
In fact to celebrate I bought Alan Schom's history of the 100 Days of Napoleon Bonaparte.
Up the street at Pandemonium Books I managed to score for a good cheap copy of Edgar Rice Burroughs' "The Land of Terror" (I figure on polishing off his "Pellucidar" series once and for all)...YES it had a Frank Frazetta cover.
GHod Bless, the Harvard Bookstore, their idea of wholesale remainder table piffle is Gustav Le Bon's "The Psychology of Revolution", a book I've been wanting to read for years.
BTW can anyone tell me why I can't seem to find a good cheap copy of Jack Kerouac's "The Dharma Bums" anywhere? The closest I came in three attempts was a FIFTEEN DOLLAR trade paperback at Porter Square Books..."Highway Robbery" to quote my grey haired old Irish Mother.
I think, it may be time to repair all these indignities by way of the public library.
I won't mention any names but I did catch a veteran local bookseller head down in his arms, ungently snoring as I passed thru a-questing for Kerouac. Bought instead Clive Webb's history of great southern Rabble Rousers of the 1960's.

Yeah I know I bought a lot of books today, I'm an addict at least it's cheaper than cocaine.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Can anyone out there tell me why

the Green Hornet TV series (1967) isn't available on DVD? Even in the looming shadow of the Seth Rogen film version which premieres on Friday?
Indeed from what I can see, the only Hornet related DVD release on the horizon are the old 1940's serials!
Now those were fun, believe me, but the TV show, "One Season Wonder" though it is made Bruce Lee a superstar! From what I hear Warner Brothers Fox and George W. Trendle's descendants are locked in the same type of fruitless legal stalemate that has kept the original "Batman" TV series from any sort of proper DVD release.
This is ridiculous because in the end, we are talking about a 24 episodes, there is a finite one time payout to be made from such a release...I guess that pay out is just too meager for the egos involved.
From what I hear, Van Williams (the very Green Hornet himself) isn't getting any younger, a commentary track from him would nicely class up any notional release of the series.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Loren King...

in today's Sunday Globe has a long feature article about long history of Hollywood films that in due course morph into expensive Broadway Musicals.
It is an interesting article, yez kin find it hyar:
Said article contains the following idle conjuration:
"What’s next, cynics may wonder: a song-and-dance version of “The Godfather,’’ with Nathan Lane as Vito Corleone?"

Let me go on the record that I would pay good money to see Nathan Lane play Don Corleone. And if Matthew Broderick was say...Michael Corleone and ohhh I dunno Sean Hayes as Sonny Corleone that would be, the very Crowning Touch.
Get Tim Rice to write the lyrics you've got a hit on your hands before the first preview, I mean, Forget Spider-Man.

The Tenth Movie (for 2010)

is inevitably, True Grit directed by Joel & Ethan Coen. Yes it is a superlative performance by Jeff Bridges as Marshal Cogburn a daunting task given that it is the same role that landed John Wayne an Oscar...and Matt Damon is great and Josh Brolin (in Jeff Corey's weasel position) is just fine, but the standout performance is from Hailee Steinfeld as the vengeful 14 year old Mattie Ross.
I kid you not, how many times do you see an adolescent performer seize the dramatic high ground in a movie, and sell it?
Not very often indeed, being adorable, being funny or stealing scenes are the usual province of performers but driving the storyline, the way Ahab hunt for the whole drives Moby Dick is quite another thing entirely.
But then clearly Ms. Steinfeld has acting chops good ones lets hope she can steer clear of megalomania and temptation because she has a gift and it deserves cultivation.