Sunday, October 31, 2010

Autumn in Massachusetts

A defiant blue gets into a quiet to-the-death struggle with orange, at sunset.

That chill that comes out of nowhere and a breeze that says "I'll be back next month, with everything I've got".

The dead leaves, always aloft, laughing at us, they can't be raked if they don't stop moving.

The awful empty stillness at 5pm, and that surging Charlton Heston feeling "My Ghod they'll be waking up soon!!!"

Anyone else ever feel like that?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Gene Doucette...

Whom you may recall has been a reader and a Poetry Captain for the Bad Poets Society and gone and written a novel, a real novel with a front & back cover and pages made out of paper.
I mean like wow man who'd a thunk it?
Mostly I just know the guy as the man who couldn't get through "A Bowl of October" without collapsing into giggles on the stage at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education...Clearly the boy-o runs deep.

You can order it from Amazon, smart & funny people generally write good books so likely it'll be a good read.

Anyhow I'm gonna try and crash the publication partei tonight, if any of you are there, I'm the one dressed very very nondescriptly.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This has to be

your last chance to see Danny Treja in "Machete" before it gets exiled to a dusty and forgotten DVD release.
I mean, this might be the only pro-illegal immigration action movie ever made...likely it will be the only one too despite a sterling performance from Chicano Ubermensch, Danny Trejo.
That hombre btw, is sixty six years old per the IMDB and he rocks this movie like Snake Plissken!
The sad part is the unabashedly controversial nature of the plotline will likely preclude seeing Trejo in any other action type, which is sad cuz he ain't getting any younger.
I have to give it to director Roberto Rodriguez, he has a royally uneven filmography, but this is one is pure genius...he even made Michelle Rodriguez seem feminine and accessible, at least until it was time for her to sport an eyepatch and start gunning down thugs like stalks of corn.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Just a Reminder:

Wednesday night,
Channel Zero Proudly Presents:
"Hill 24 Doesn't Answer!" (1955)

Directed by Thorold Dickinson

A rag tag collection of I.D.F. soldiers tenaciously holdonto their embattled position during the 1948 Israeli War for Independence.

At the birth of a New Nation, a Heroic Last Stand!

Starring Edward Mulhare - Michael Wager - Margalit Oved

8pm Wednesday October 13th
The Somerville Theater Screening Room
Admission $8 (cheap!)
55 Davis Square, Somerville Ma

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Many thanks

(I think!) to the Boston Phoenix for their kinds words regarding Channel Zero's screening of "HIl 24 doesn't Answer" (1955). They even got this very URL right. Now doubt even as I write this thousands of new readers are acquainting themselves with the Imperial Glory that is Channel Zero.

Meanwhile tell all your friends, Channel Zero returns next week with the above feature film, Wednesday October 1113th at 8pm Sharp in the Somerville Theatre's screening room admission a paltry $8.
And yes we will screen the Wesley Willis documentary if this mishaugas somehow breaks even, so tell yer friends!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Zach "Watchmen" Snyder has got the nod to direct

the new Superman movie.

Can't say I'm jumping for joy, "The Watchmen" is hardly my favorite movie although I realize that a lot of these "whose gonna direct?" decisions revolve around yesteday's buzz and box office. But I'm hardly emotionally invested in any of the other mooks that were up for the job so...I guess I'll wait and see on this one.

Good bloggers though should court controversy so let me publicly assert that I think Brandon Routh deserves another crack at the title role. He is our best hope to keep the part out of the hands of Keanu Reeves, Justin Beiber, Shia Labeouf or (Ghod help us) that Easter Island Monolith who walks like a man, Tom Welling.