Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Wish we had better news

Channel Zero only garnered about three paying viewers last night. For a grand total of five since we've moved to the Zeitgeist Gallery in July.
This is to say the least extremely discouraging, other events seem to do well at the Zeitgeist but so far Channel Zero is a bust therein.
Jon Joe and I will have to rethink our format in the sweet by and by.
Frankly, it is no fun to hand distribute twelve-hundred leaflets and shake down our mailing list twice to yield up an audience of two.
I'm coming to a dark and unpleasant conclusion that Boston just isn't as diverse a cultural enviroment as it thinks itself to be.
It is nightmarishly difficult to garner publicity for small events in out of the way venues.
Audiences just don't seem to be primed for the offbeat and bizarre.
Hell, the Coolidge Corner is screening "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" episodes at Midnight for free...what does that tell you about the romantic spirit of experimentation in the Hub?
However all blather aside,I'd like to thank Alan Nidle director of the Zeitgeist Gallery as usual he was brisk, efficient and non-judgemental.
For the moment though, Channel Zero has no new events planned and probably won't be doing anything else this year.
We are in need of a new approach.

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