Saturday, December 18, 2004

Apprentice'd out...

So Kelly Perdew is the new Trumpslave mark II? Tedious predictable choice IMHO. Jenn Messey, in all her vulgarity, anger, duplicity, and craveness, seemed a much better fit with the Trump zeitgeist. Kelly on the other hand, struck me as some sort of upscale android. Passionless, prone to quoting his own resume the way Bishop Lennon quotes the Gospel of Saint Matthew, and seemingly sweating pure talcum powder Kelly seemed two dimensional even by NBC television's standards.
Season Three of "The Apprentice" promises even more bizarre antics, up until now Trump has contented himself with sex-segregated contestants, now he proposes teams divided on classically Marxist lines, the college educated versus the high school graduates. Class warfare may well be the next big thing in American Society, so maybe The Donald is onto something.

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