Sunday, February 27, 2005

Books around town:

I was downtown for the first time in years last week and had a chance to drop by the Brattle Book Shop at 9 West Street near the Theater District.
Day-um, but Kenneth Gloss runs a tight ship! The outdoor cheap-books pavilion actually includes precious hardcover copies of Will and Ariel Durant's "Story of Civilization" for ONE DOLLAR!!! In particular I know I saw "Our Oriental Heritage" on the dollar pile, wait for good weather and check out this amazing collection of books!
I picked up a VHS Copy of "The Adventures of Prince Achmed" which is an animated film from Weimar suits my love of irony to buy videotapes at one of Boston's best used bookstores.
bibliophiles shouldn't overlook "Antiquarian Books of Boston" under the Old South Meeting House #2 Milk Street Boston. These guys started out as "Arlington Books" in that selfsame suburb before doing the counterintuitive thing and moving in town. Among other treasures, this store has a fabulous one of a kind collection of Stratemeyer Syndicate children's books everything from the original "Bobbsey Twins" to "Dave Dashaway" and "The Young Continentals at Bunker Hill"!
I snagged a good solid history of the Confederacy for three dollars, so there are many bargains to be found here.

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