Thursday, April 21, 2005

Pick of the Week:

Has to be "Gigi" starring Maurice Chevalier which is screening at 7pm tonight at the Regent Theater on Medford Street in Arlington tonight, FOR FREE!

Otherwise "Robots" and "Fever Pitch" are screening at the Tri Town Drive In (3 Youngs Rd Leominster)starting at 7:30pm. Alas rain is predicted but if you are a die hard Sox fan and a Drive In Mark whats a little rain to you?

Grace Note from Air America Radio:

Don Novello in his ever dependable "Fr. Guido Sarducci" character called into the Al Franken Show Monday and airly predicted the next Pope's name would be "Benedict" although he said he'd be "Benedict the 17th"...not much laughs there but a
pretty close prediction I'd say.

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