Monday, August 15, 2005

Greg Harney, RIP

Channel Zero was saddened to learn this weekend of the death of local public televison producer Greg Harney. Friends of the franchise will recall his electrifying appearance at our 2003 screening of "King Lear" starring Orson Welles and directed by Peter Brooks for the olde "Ominibus" live TV show.
Greg, his wife and a family friend walked in, asked if this was the "Welles" version of Lear and then airly announced he'd been the sound director for this very broadcast in 1952!
Our jaws hit the floor with an audible crack!
Greg was kind enough to share his reminiscences of the whole live TV process, mostly though he put paid to lie that Welles was difficult to work with. Greg reminded all and sundry that Welles got his start as an actor-director on Broadway and those skills stood him in good stead when live television came in.
Greg also pointed out a few technical flaws in the boradcast, PA's whose shadows lurch into frame whilst Lear rants and the like.
His memory for that particular show was excellent and his entirely unscripted appearance was a notable highlight of Channel Zero's run at the Coolidge Corner.

Our hearts go out to Mr. Harney's family at this tragic time, he was a friend to the Franchise and we shan't forget him.

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