Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Thought for the Day:

Stephanie Miller (from Air America's Stephanie Miller Show) sez that Tom Cruise is putting up plcards all around the house reminding Katie Holmes not to screech, scream or flail about during childbirth.
It is apparently, an article of faith among scientologists that the agonized screams of mother's in labor are potent enough to traumatize newborns requiring scientology type therapy later on in life.
So of course, it is also a tenet of scientology that birthing mothers MUST NOT receive any painkillers or tranquilizers during labor (a process that can and does painfully drag on for days in some cases).
My question is, IF screaming and flailing about is a big scientology no-no, then why not simply tightly ball-gag Katie when she goes into labor and then handcuff her to the head board?
That will keep her quiet and still as the agonies of childbirth pulse through her body.
Bound to work...think about it Tom, you frickin' high school drop out, closet case PSYCHO!

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