Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Grenade Soup in Middlesex County....

Last night I dropped by the home of a married couple I know, purely to assess the chill-battling qualities of Absolut vanilla flavored vodka you understand.
Their oldest son was completing an elementary school homework assignment which required him to generate a list of instructions.
He chose to compose a recipe for "grenade soup", he assured his mother that said potable would only "blow up the pot and the stove".
Last I checked the mother was ardently campaigning for a disclaimer to be inserted on the grounds of "silliness".
Amidst the process she gave me the puppy-dawg eyes and said "I am the mother of boys...in case you needed any reminder".

BTW Absolut vanilla flavored vodka, chilled in the freezer has the ironic effect of chasing off the cold like a trained hunting dog.

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