Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cultural Note...

Let me assert quite freely that the Old Country Buffet in the Medford's Meadow Glen Mall is NOTHING but a gastronomic whore-house and an invitation to the deadly sin of GLUTTONY.
There are FIVE Buffets, plus a desert counter, pink lemonade and soft serve ice cream....the siren call to bloated self indulgence is as blatant as any I've seen this side of the old Combat Zone.
I ate like a starving government mule....undoubtedly the "build your own taco" alone took a day off my life.

The joint ought to be picketed, they picket Planned Parenthood...gluttony is a sin isn't it?????

And the prices were very reasonable, Jesus Lord isn't THIS a sign of the end times?

Leave some money in your budget for new pants, yer gonna need them afterwards trust me.

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