Friday, July 09, 2010

PIck of the Week

Once again, the Harvard Film Archive owns the weekend movie firmament, with a long thorough month long retrospective devoted to the works of Nicholas Ray.
Tonight it is "Bigger than Life" (7pm, also on Monday at 7pm) in which a nice middle class family man and teacher goes batsh*t crazy from a cortisone prescription. Tame stuff in today's world, but freaky-deaky fer sherr in 1956.
And on Sunday at 8:30pm "The True Story of Jesse James" (1957) starring Jeffrey "The Man who Turned Down Star Trek" Hunter as the famous outlaw.
The casting alone sells that bad baby.
Now if it is straight movies you want "Despicable Me" is playing at the Arlington Capitol in 4-d...that is of course if you won't do the decent thing and make for the Mendon Twin Drive In.

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