Thursday, September 09, 2010

So I bought a new Ford...

(cuz I'm olde fashioned dat way) and it comes with six months of free Sirius Satellite radio.
So after two days of fooling around with the gadget I finally found "Howard Stern One Hundred" a round the clock all Stern all the damn time audio channel dedicated to the proposition that Too Much of a Good Thing can be Endured...
And sure enough, I clicked on it and Howard was whining and bitching about his awful employers and threatening to desert to terrestrial radio, his own private space station or the internet (with all the other podcasts that were gonna make their creator millions).
Which is exactly where I left off with the guy back in 2005 when he outran the FCC to the safety of Satellite Radio...
Somethings never ever change I guess.
But the real revelation is...Playboy Satellite Radio!!
Twenty Four hours of bimbos yammering on and on about the contents of their lady spaces and the singular lack of content between their ears...They run the gamut between cooing suggestively to blustery oral pornography and back again.
I hate to say it, but I shamelessly listen all the time, it is unintentionally hilarious on every level, pornstars with opinions and then we get the details of those opinions and the laughter can begin.
Bondage dos and don'ts?
Adult baby call-ins?
Pornstar etiquette?
And the list goes on...
Hugh Hefner is a genius to put Henry Ford to shame, he has built a high tech Asylum for the Criminally Inane and made good money off of it!

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