Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This has to be

your last chance to see Danny Treja in "Machete" before it gets exiled to a dusty and forgotten DVD release.
I mean, this might be the only pro-illegal immigration action movie ever made...likely it will be the only one too despite a sterling performance from Chicano Ubermensch, Danny Trejo.
That hombre btw, is sixty six years old per the IMDB and he rocks this movie like Snake Plissken!
The sad part is the unabashedly controversial nature of the plotline will likely preclude seeing Trejo in any other action type, which is sad cuz he ain't getting any younger.
I have to give it to director Roberto Rodriguez, he has a royally uneven filmography, but this is one is pure genius...he even made Michelle Rodriguez seem feminine and accessible, at least until it was time for her to sport an eyepatch and start gunning down thugs like stalks of corn.

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