Friday, February 17, 2012

The CW is set to revive "Beauty and the Beast"...

the old Linda Hamilton teleseries, I never watched it, but the core fairy tale admits all sorts of possibilities.
So far as I can tell, this time, it's a superheroic beast teamed up with a dollsome female cop.
So far so good, except the CW has cast Kristen Kreuk as their beauty.
I mean lets face it, Kristen Kreuk hasn't got the acting talent Ghod gave a sock puppet, she actually dragged Tom Welling down to a very crude level of acting on Smallville, and that mah frenz is sayin' something.
I give it six weeks tops assuming the pilot isn't a complete botch.


Alexis Walker said...

I LOVED the original series. I even taped every show and still have the video tapes. Too bad I don't have a video tape player any more. It was a classy series. I think I'll be afraid to watch :-{

Zolok said...

Yeah sometimes stuff should live on pristine in your memory. Of course the nice thing about the original B & B fairy tale is that it is in the public domain therefore canny authors can rework that bad baby to their heart's content.