Wednesday, May 02, 2012

July is Wide Open...

no update on the Harvard Film Archive's Calendar as yet. So why not some suggestions? Well let me mark out hard once again for a proper Charlton Heston retrospective, That Axiom of American Cinema is long overdue for a critical re-evaluation...Especially if some of Heston's early TV work could somehow get dredged up! And while we are at it, I wanna strongly suggest a Don Siegel retrospective, mostly cued because I saw his one collaboration with Mickey Rooney "Baby Face Nelson" and thought that anyone who went from Mickey Rooney to Clint Eastwood was ready for their moment in the sun.

Moreover how about Sam Fuller, nobody has a good review of his career leastways in Boston. How about it? C'mon everyone wants to see "The Steel Helmet" on the big screen!!!

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