Thursday, April 11, 2013

I don't know Paula Soto from a cord of wood

But I wish her lawsuit against the City of Cambridge all the best. Soto runs a film series even smaller and more obscure than Channel Zero (IF that is possible) and she seeks to overturn a dubious city statute seeking to prevent the leafleting of automobiles. As a co-curator of Channel Zero with eighteen years of leafleting behind me, I can well attest to the endless difficulties when it comes to "getting the word out" about a small screening in a town with a chilly snobbish attitude towards fringe artistic events. The main and most heartbreaking battle is always about putting meat in the seats, any tiny advantage however ludicrous is not to be overlooked. And please spare me the windy diatribes about "protecting private property"...where the hell is all this love for the sanctity of My Car when it gets festooned with home cleaner adverts and gym leaflets at the Alewife Station MBTA Garage every week??

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