Sunday, February 26, 2017

Oscar Predictions...

This is a bit of a misnomer, I only saw three of the nominated pictures this year and I'm pretty sure it is a three dogfight between "Hidden Figures", "La-La Land" & "Manchester by the Sea". Arrival, Amy Adams killed it in this one, I never did see the Big Twist Coming...but this one won't win lets face it. Hacksaw Ridge, The rehabilitation of Mel Gibson is proof positive that Hollywood willing to make exceptions for the right Alt Right Drunken Racist Buffoon.... Hell or High Water, I loved this movie, so like Arrival, it'll do no business whatsoever. Hidden Figures, I liked this one as well (I'm a sucker for the Golden Age of Manned Space Flight), but it's Uplift is just a tad stilted as well, but then Hollywood likes em' stilted and they've yet to answer the whole #Oscarsowhite meme. So I'm guessing "Hidden Figures" will close at the finish. My main takeaway is that there will probably be A LOT of politics tonight, I doubt anyone will pass up the opportunity to cheap shot the So Called President.

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