Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Happy Birthday William Shatner...

86 years young today. You Are Large, You Contain Multitudes (literally yo!) and every day of it you stare down a Terrible Beast Called Talent. You are an Epigram, a Confucian Analect, High Camp, A Joke, A Monster Out of Toronto, a Collector of Ex Wives & a discerning client of the worst divorce lawyers in California. For that reason and many many more you are working the opening of a Sock Drawer somewhere in the World Tonight...hey they met your price whatcha gonna do? To Call Shatner a giant is sheer cliche'...Shit The Giants All Want His Autograph. His Persona is so, Shatneresque we literally forget his hard won acting bona fides (forged from years of guest star work on TV and a long wandering path thru American Theater and B-Movies). I've always maintained that Captain Kirk was an anomaly for him, Shatner's best work all invokes his smooth faintly nasty preening quality, villains were his stock in trade...poor guy got typecast as The Hero on "Star Trek" and those opportunities to play malevolence vanished. What of it, I am rotten glad to hear he is soldiering on, I'd watch him working sock puppets or do the PA announcements at Stop-n-Shop...whatever it is, he'll commit to it, one thousand percent.

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