Saturday, June 17, 2017

"Wonder Woman" (2017)

Finally! The Amazon busts into feature films as an "all up" tentpole property...seventy plus years after she first debuted in the comics during WW II...but who is counting. Generally speaking, I liked the film, if Gal Gadot keeps her health then she can easily play Wonder Woman for the next decade she has a nice easy comfortable persona and some reasonable action chops which is really all anyone wants in a Wonder Woman Actress. Of course almost all of DC's contemporary Filmography has been so problematic that the bar was set awfully low for Wonder Woman, so it was no shock Gadot vaulted over it with ease. I also wanna give Chris Pine some props for the thankless role of Wonder Woman's nominal SO Steve Trevor, he was neither superfluous nor whiny...he made no mistakes (these day's that the equivalent of a Roman Triumph in Hollywood). With out delving in spoilage I'm not sure how he perpetuates as a character as the inevitable sequels unspool but thats the scriptwriter's issue not mine. No if I have an issue with the movie is that the third act is pretty formulaic and predictable drawing heavily on "Batman v. Superman"....not much new ground was broken action wise for all of Gadot's eye catching aerobatics. If Patty Jenkins does the sequel she'd be well advised to keep a weather eye on that third act thats the very point where you don't want to go on AutoPilot. And I say that with all due respect for a remarkable achievement having finally gotten the DCU film franchise out of the proverbial sand trap. The Film also has the usual handful of plot gaps (a German gunboat goes inexplicably missing, a real life German General dies prematurely, phone lines from the Western Front reach all the way to Fleet Street in London) but thats pretty much the price of doing business in the DCU at this point. But at last DC has their breakthrough movie after dozens of lamentable misfires, I wonder if they can hold on to it...?

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