Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Greatest Video Store in Metropolitan Boston...

is undoubtedly Video Oasis at 625 Cambridge Street in East Cambridge Mass. Next to the live poultry butcher and across from the New Deal Fish Market.
Owner Dennis Arruda, surely one of the last independent video store proprietors in the area, has a simple philosophy....lots of everything.
And if it's a cult movie you are after, Oasis is your fact it's the perfect store from which to start a film's cult!
"Terminal Island", starring Tom Selleck and Marta "Lost in Space" Kristen?...Dennis has it.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's favorite muscleman movie "Hercules in the Haunted World"?...again Oasis provideth.
The best horror film section north of New York?
Oasis again....
A Wall stretching the length of the store crammed with Hong Kong action videos...thass Oasis agin'.
Practically every time I go in there I find something new, offbeat or plain interesting.
With 15,000 tapes, DVDs, AND the last local source of laserdiscs there is a lot of stuff to wade through, lemme tell yuh.
Yes the rental prices are a tad higher, but with Video Oasis you get a collection of stuff that will keep you coming back year after year!
Compare that with some jerkwater outfit like Blockbuster or Hollywood Video with it's Mcdonald's marketing mentality.
And the adult section Ohhh LA LA!
Suffice to say Something Weird Video of Seattle's many many classic porno tapes have a place of honor at Video Oasis.
Dennis has no website so I can provide no have to go prepared to spend time and to browse. The sections are broken down by genre there is no other system at work so fortune favors those with a spirit of discovery...all others can simply ask Dennis to look up a title.
Check it out I kid you not.

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Melissa said...

Dennis passed away & the store is now closed :(