Friday, July 30, 2004

Pick of the Week plus a personal note... is pretty much status quo movie wise this weekend.
The Tri Town Drive In (3 Youngs Road Lunenberg Ma.) is going with "King Arthur" and "The Village" whilst the Mendon Twin (route 16 west Mendon) has "The Thunderbirds" and "Spiderman II" with "The Village" and "King Arthur" on screen 2.
I gotta go with the "Thunderbirds" this time around...I doubt the film will come up to the original but ya never know.
But then why re-make "The Thunderbirds" at all?
Other than to give series creator Gerry Anderson a nice phat pay day...
Frankly the charm of the original program lies in it's serendipidous mix of old technology (puppets and puppetry) with the high tech symbols of the age, rockets, space travel and the like.
That particular zeitgeist can't be recreated no matter how hard someone tries. is worth checking out-some films just must be seen at the drive in and nowhere else..."The Thunderbirds" falls into this category.

I'll post a full review in due course.

Meanwhile on a personal note, this is my last day on the job at my clerical position within a huge "name" high tech company.
I've been there some twelve years now, stuck perhaps in a job beneath my abilities...but it was a nice place to work and I made many lasting friendships therein.
Besides when I started I was in serious serious debt and needed the money very badly.
Today I'm debt free and oddly hopeful...maybe it is just John Kerry's speech last night...who knows.
Still, it is going to be hard to say goodbye, "the devil you know" and all like that.
However it is time to move on and this is a big opportunity for me.
So opportunity-wise if anyone hears about anything good, drop yer old  pal a little note...

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