Monday, August 02, 2004

Thunderbirds are Go!

Isn't technology amazing? Someone whomped together a lifesized puppet for this film that walks, talks, and acts just like Bill Paxton.
Okay that was low blow....
can't help myself sometimes.

Yup we went roaring off to the Mendon D.I. last night to see the new "Thunderbirds" re-make...alas it was on screen II known for it's pesky focus problems...most of which were under control so far as we could see.
BTW if have to get out to the drive in this summer, a Sunday night is the time to do it. We arrived a mere twenty minutes before show time and easily procured a requisite front row space.
And what the hell the movie was alright...someone wisely decided that the story of the Tracy Family wealthy and secret members of "International Rescue"-a high tech organization devoted to saving lives-just cried out for the "Spy Kids" treatment.
The SPFX were the usual CGI junk but pains were taken to recreate the design of the original vehicles and mid 1966's retro-future decor'.
The adults play it straight, the kids steal scenes, and Sir Ben Kingsley (who clearly feels cheated of the role of Fu Manchu) camps it up like Tim Curry on a geritol rush.
Special props ought to go out to Sophie Myles who as "Lady Penelope" (International Rescues in house secret agent, peer of the realm and resident sex symbol)chews the scenery with perverse gusto. Her participation is a must for any sequel.
In all it could have been worse, the original after all WAS a kid's show and ought to remain a straight juvenile franchise.

Completists and lud I am one of those, ought to seek out the orginal 1960's TV series on DVD. it depicts an atom powered future prone to sky scraper fires and other mundane accidents that require the constant intervention of a secret hi tech team of experts...a generation of contemporary civil engineers were weaned on this show I assure you.
Producer Gerry Anderson (who didn't make a shilling off the current incarnation I fear) also made two feature length Internation Rescue featues "Thunderbirds are Go!" and "thunderbird Six"...the latter being the one I'd recommend for anyone with restive children.

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