Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Redlining on the Red Line

Y' know the MBTA used to be able to transport my fat Irish ass from the hills-n-hollers of (Romantic) Arlington to Drydock Avenue in South Boston in jig time.
But that was back in 2005 when the Red Line was young and full of life.
Now the Red Line just sits there, torpid, injury ridden and waiting to be traded off to Cleveland in return for a team of oxen to pull the trains.
Yup I was late to work today, the trains just sat there will the explanations blatted over the PA (disabled train, signal problems, switching problem, inauspicious dove entrails...). I am in peril along with a trainload of other commuters of losing my job due to "tardiness" but yet the train still sits there like an pouting brat.
Ah yes it's another February in Boston, honestly the Moscow Metro was communist-ridden but the god-damned thing ran on time, stick that in your pipe and smoke it Ayn Rand.

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