Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 Oscar Notes

I've only seen two out of the ten movies nominated for Best Picture, which is my personal best in the category of cinema-detachment.
For that fact, neither motion picture will win, Toy Story Three because it's an animated film that is nominated already for best picture in that specific category and a sequel to boot, True Grit on the other hand is a remake of a film that landed John Wayne an Oscar in 1969 and the Academy is sentimental about things like that.
Don't know who to pull for in the Best Supporting Actress category, I like Hailee Steinfeld but you know Helena Bonham Carter will wear some hilarious abomination to the Academy Awards, a sequined bunny costume or some sort of lace trimmed jocket gear the sort of fashion atrocity they'll be talking about in the year 2100.
How the hell can a talented 14 year old actress top that without getting confined to quarters?
I ask you it is an unequal struggle.

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