Sunday, January 29, 2012

Channel Zero Returns, Friday March 2nd at 8pm (sharp!)

Channel Zero Presents:

“History's Greatest Loss!"
The Official Soviet Film Documentary detailing the Funeral Rites attending on Joseph Stalin!

From the Lavish State Funeral for Lenin in 1924 to the Macabre Burial Rites Accorded to Kim Jong Il in North Korea, Communist Society's have always know how to bury their leaders with obsequious devotion.
But none of those funeral rights ever matched the veneration heaped upon Joseph Stalin at the time of his death in 1953.
It was quite literally the Funeral Rites for the Soviet God of Vengeance!
No less than a feature length documentary was called for to depict all the rites, the groveling praise and the state sponsored grief.

This is a unique historic document, unseen in Boston for Fifty Nine Years!

Friday March 2nd 2012
8pm (Sharp!)
Admission $7 (Cheap!)
The Somerville Theatre
(Micro Cinema)
55 Davis Square
Somerville Ma
617 – 625 – 5700
(In Russian, Subtitled in English)

Channel Zero,Boston’s Cheapest Entertainment Franchise now in it’s sixteenth year of genteel obscurity.
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