Monday, January 02, 2012

My Top Eleven Movies for 2011

I Should thank ghod in heaven above I got out at all this year to see anything.

1.) "The Fighter", I mean who knew Jude Law could do the accent?Mark Wahlberg can barely do the accent and he got his start shoplifting in Dorchester!

2.) "Super": Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page as a pair of "Real life super heroes", I mean what is not to love about that???

3.) "Hobo with a Shotgun" starring Rutger Hauer, the title alone sells it.

4.)"13 Assassins", okay yes a "Seven Samurai"rip off, but then a lot of great cinema has been distilled from the Kurosawa classic down to "Battle Beyond the Stars" starring John Saxon. And besides, "13 Assassins"is the first film I"ve ever seen to use flaming cattle as a battlefield weapon.

5.) City of Life and Death: The "Rape of Nanking" is one of those horrific war stories that gets little play in the west, this is a film that gets a good start on filling in that void.

6.) "Bridesmaids", This one made me laugh, and I"m a "Tough Room" to say the least. And anyway, getting marriage is always a trauma and a burden to the wedding party.

7.) "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" Who knew there was any snap left in those old "Planet of the Apes" garters? Andy Serkis is so good as a revolutionary ape leader in this film, that the whole mishaugas nicely eclipses the turgid Tim Burton remake. A good film that over-writes a bad remake is always aces high in my books.

8.)Contagion: Best science fiction movie I saw this year that contained virtually no real science fiction in it at all. Gwenyth Paltrow's autopsy scene alone deserves an Oscar.

9.) Detective Dee and Mystery of the Phantom Flame: I will take Tsui Hark almost any way I can get him, and if it is his contention that ALL medieval Chinese court functionaries and soldiers can gracefully leap a quarter mile at a time, who the hell am I to contradict him???

10.) "The Guard" Finally Tarantinoir makes it to the Old Sod, trust the Irish in the person of genially corrupt policemen Brendan Gleeson to bring a new cynical angle to the genre.

11.) "Hugo" Martin Scorcese may well "Get Heaven" when he reconfigured parts of Georges Melies "A Trip to the Moon" for 3-D.

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