Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I give the "V" remake another two weeks

and then pffft, cancellation.

It is a shame but even when you remake a sci fi series that wasn't that good to begin with, there are no guarantees.
I mean "Battlestar Galactica" opened those floodgates but they had the good fortune to be on a basic cavble station where the bar was set mighty low.
Likely ABC will replace "V" with some reality show dross "Who wants to be a pile of organic ashes" or some game show where the prize is being Steve Jobs' simian toady "The Ape-pprentice".
Oh well, poor luckless Laura Vandervoort will be back doing auditions and signing her autograph for $20 a shot at the Motor City Comicon.
I wish her and cast mates well.

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