Friday, April 30, 2010

Red Line Lemons...

There was a god-awful fire on the Red Line last night at Downtown Crossing, so today the MBTA was being real up front with us predicting all sorts of signal driven delays as we crept in town.
Well, you knew something was up because even Alewife Station smelled of nasty electrical fire type smoke today.
Well, I don't mind it as long as they are prompt with warnings, frankly it is a wonder the Red Line isn't reduced to hitching the trains to teams of oxen at all given the T's financial problems.
Anyhow, I opted to make sweet lemonade out of today's lemons, I bolted off the train at Charles Street and strolled thru the Public Garden and on into work.
If you have a chance do this, the flower beds are in bloom and the swan boats are smartly lined up like destroyer flotillas at anchor.
A very restful verdant scene to be sure, now I am fortified for the day's challenges at the mid level of the life insurance industry.

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