Sunday, January 02, 2011

Loren King...

in today's Sunday Globe has a long feature article about long history of Hollywood films that in due course morph into expensive Broadway Musicals.
It is an interesting article, yez kin find it hyar:
Said article contains the following idle conjuration:
"What’s next, cynics may wonder: a song-and-dance version of “The Godfather,’’ with Nathan Lane as Vito Corleone?"

Let me go on the record that I would pay good money to see Nathan Lane play Don Corleone. And if Matthew Broderick was say...Michael Corleone and ohhh I dunno Sean Hayes as Sonny Corleone that would be, the very Crowning Touch.
Get Tim Rice to write the lyrics you've got a hit on your hands before the first preview, I mean, Forget Spider-Man.

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