Monday, January 10, 2011

Can anyone out there tell me why

the Green Hornet TV series (1967) isn't available on DVD? Even in the looming shadow of the Seth Rogen film version which premieres on Friday?
Indeed from what I can see, the only Hornet related DVD release on the horizon are the old 1940's serials!
Now those were fun, believe me, but the TV show, "One Season Wonder" though it is made Bruce Lee a superstar! From what I hear Warner Brothers Fox and George W. Trendle's descendants are locked in the same type of fruitless legal stalemate that has kept the original "Batman" TV series from any sort of proper DVD release.
This is ridiculous because in the end, we are talking about a 24 episodes, there is a finite one time payout to be made from such a release...I guess that pay out is just too meager for the egos involved.
From what I hear, Van Williams (the very Green Hornet himself) isn't getting any younger, a commentary track from him would nicely class up any notional release of the series.

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